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Let me be your extra set of hands!

Imagine all that you could accomplish if there was a second YOU!  Make that list and call me for your free consultation!

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Hi Friend!!

I’m Cheryl, a 40-something single mom trying to create a world that my children can be proud of. I come from a long line of passionate and thrifty shoppers. I have always said “if shopping were an Olympic event, I would take the Gold every time!” There is nothing I don't enjoy shopping for. Educated in the medical industry, I have always sought career choices that allow me to help others.

In addition to being a shopper, professional organizer, and a mom, I am a self-taught artist, beach lover, Netflix enthusiast, and free-spirited comedienne.

Let's get creative, have some laughs, and get your errands done!

How It All Began

It was June of 2019, I found myself wilting in the corporate sales world.  I needed more, I needed a real purpose and I was feeling called to serve others.  I met a woman who hadn't been able to leave the house for over 2 years due to debilitating medical challenges.  I asked her if it would benefit her to have a helping hand every so often.  Someone to actually shop for the exact items at the exact stores she prefers rather than being limited to what is available on an app.  She asked if I would be willing to bring in her mail and take out her garbage once a week and cried and hugged me when I said I could!   I realized at that moment there is a deep need for reliable and caring help so folks may accomplish simple tasks of daily life...  The Happy Errand Lady was born!   

What can I do to make your day better?

Proud Female-Owned Maine Small Business

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